1,800,000 EGP 1

De Joya

It is located in a distinctive strategic location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, as it was established in the eighth residential neighbourhood R8, specifically in plot B2

Compound services:

There are two pets club equipped with the latest modern equipment, including a gym, spa, gym, spa and an indoor swimming pool for women.
There is a large fish tank which gives the place a wonderful view.
There is a commercial area with a large number of stores and stores that offer all products, commodities and international brands.
There is an entertainment area dedicated to children’s games with the highest degree of safety.
Security and guard services work in the compound around the clock.
There is a complete system of surveillance cameras all over the compound for the safety of all units.
Solar energy was provided as a clean and environmentally friendly source of energy in the compound.
There are a large number of swimming pools of various shapes and sizes to suit adults and children, and there is an indoor swimming pool designated for women for more comfort and privacy.
There is a secure underground car park.
There is a special track for walking, running and cycling away from the car tracks.
There is a roof garden.


Starting Price : 1,800,000 EGP 1
المساحة : 179 m²
مدينة : New Capital
De Joya
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